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Our results speak for themselves

We have been providing high quality services to industry and private individuals since 1977, and therefore believe that with our experience, equipment and staff, we are the safe solution for you. All of our work is done with the utmost care and thoroughness, and the result is subsequently.

With our new catamaran Grønanes we are ready to undertake even more tasks on sea.

Our services

Focus on quality and thoroughness

Our services contain services on land and underwater services. Below you can see some of our most common tasks. If you have other enquiries, then please contact us here.


The safe diving solution
We are ready to help you with all under water work assignments, and have all the required equiptment for assisting you with welding, cutting, casting, drilling, explosions, gluing, place cables, place water wires, exchange zinc on boats, etc.
These are some of the possibilities, however, if you are in need of another solution than listed, please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss it with you. 

All of our divers are authorized with certification from DNV. 

Mobile diving stations
We have 5 mobile diving stations. Our Diving Stations make the work more effective and better. Our cars have 2 trailers for surface draining, Rex 77 Kirby Morgan helm and warm water equipment. Our cars also have video equipment that allows people on the ground to see the work the diver is doing.


We like to get the job done as fast and good as possible
With our lorry we are now ready to help you with several assignments. Our lorry has a 28 ton crane, which makes is easier to get the job done as fast and good as possible. We are ready to help you if you want to transport sod, sand or gravel. If you have another assignment, just contact us, and we will find a solution.


Several opportunities on the sea
With our catamaran we are ready to undertake management of several assignments on the sea. We provide our services to sand-pump dredger boat basins, surface diving, and Scuba diving.We can also help you with transport of freight, on land and by sea.


Through the years we have provided solutions for big and small companies. Both in the Faroes, and also internationally.

Some of our latest achievements:

Arb. Prosess rør til Varðin Pelagic
Rør arbeiði kl kommuna
Gjørt Ferjulegu í Svínoy
Føroya Tele Tikið Sheefa2 Víkarbyrgi spula kaðal upp, flutt kaðal laga niður av nýggjum, gjørt nýtt land tak.
Gjørt nýggja marina í Klansvín, saman við Vileo Marinas
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No task is to big - neither to small.

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